About Career Opportunities in the LTACH World

\"jobDo you have what it takes to work in a Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH)? Working in this arena can be emotionally challenging at times, but professionals in this environment realize two important key benefits:

  1. They develop comprehensive knowledge about treating acutely ill patients and complex disease processes.
  2. They get to join a team that celebrates each patient’s individual progress.

The Need for both “Hard Skills” and “Soft Skills”

The LTACH world offers an incredibly diverse spectrum of career opportunities. In order to be successful in this field, you’ll need to possess certain “hard skills” and “soft skills.”

In case you are unfamiliar with the terms, “hard skills” refer to teachable or technical skills. In healthcare, this may include a specific degree or certification or the ability to operate certain equipment. Skill sets are specific to each position.

“Soft skills” are more subjective and aren’t easily quantifiable. They refer more to your interpersonal skills such as flexibility or being a team player. Employees at the Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey must be genuinely compassionate, have an interest in helping others, possess the ability to be selfless and puts the needs of others before his or her own. Other requirements are the ability to work in a tight knit team environment, good decision making skills and dedication. Regardless of official titles and specific job duties, all of our employees must focus on one thing… patient care.

Did You Know These Types of Positions Were Available?

Using our company as a model, here are some positions showing examples of hard skills and soft skills that we look for:

  • Physicians make formal diagnoses and treat patients while delivering care with compassion. They work with mid level practitioners, LTACH administration and nurses to improve clinical outcomes. The physician also contributes towards medical staff programs and teaching activities. Doctors participate in the peer review process to enhance clinical practice. Participation in organization-wide quality improvement efforts and medical staff committees are other ways physicians contribute patient care.
  • The backbone of any LTACH is the nursing staff. They provide the majority of direct care and spend the greatest amount of time with the patients. Nurses assure patient safety based upon patient diagnosis/physician assessment. Within the nursing arena, there are various positions such as Advanced Practice Nurses, Registered Nurses (RNs), and Nursing Assistants.

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