Quality Assurance

qi-logo-color-2013_190x66Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey is licensed by the State of New Jersey, certified as a Medicare hospital provider and accredited by The Joint Commission.

Quality AssuranceSpecialty Hospital of Central Jersey has a patient population that is more complex than the nationwide average for long-term acute care and remains committed to meeting standards for clinical outcomes.  As a member of the New Jersey Hospital Association, Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey is dedicated to the ongoing quest to improve the quality and safety of healthcare services.  NJHA’s Institute was designated a “patient safety organization” by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. As a federally designated PSO, NJHA’s Institute plays a leading role in quality improvement activities among New Jersey hospitals and other healthcare providers, including data collection and analysis.


In accordance with federal requirements, SHCJ provides information on its standard list of hospital charges. Charges are not the same as prices; charges are like a sticker price that is negotiated down for virtually all healthcare customers. They’re contained in a large report called a chargemaster. To view our chargemaster, click here.

The report is updated January 1st of the current year and may not reflect changes to during year.  If you need additional information, please fill out the contact us on this page.