All About the LTACH

Put yourself in this situation:

Feeling a sense of panic set in as you brace for the worst, nervous that the topic of discharge planning will soon need to be addressed, a million thoughts race through your mind. Thoughts such as:

“Who will care for my loved one when they are still so critically ill?”

“What type of facility is going to provide clinically complex care?”

The hospital discharge planner explains exactly what a Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) is and how this specialized level of care can help your loved one continue on the path to recovery.

LTACH’s were created in the 1990’s as a response to the growing need of caring for critically ill people that required a longer length of stay than typically allowed in traditional hospitals. This level of care was created to facilitate the prompt discharge of clinically complex patients from the hospital setting. The goal was to decrease Medicare spending specifically on those patients in the intensive or critical care units at the acute level. Specializing in the care of people with more than one serious condition, the LTACH provides those in need with extended periods of care before they are eventually well enough to return to their prior living situation.

\"allTypically the average length of stay must be 25 days or greater and there must be a need for intensive medical care. The LTACH is a certified acute care hospital for people in need of long term acute hospital care. There is a broad range of admission criteria with the most common being mechanical ventilation weaning, intravenous antibiotics and complex wound care. LTACH’s are held to the same accreditation and regulatory standards as traditional hospitals.

LTACH’s offer a wide range of clinically complex services, such as respiratory therapy for the management and weaning of patients requiring mechanical ventilation. Specific protocols are followed along with specialized testing and cardiac monitoring. Patients are also provided with continual critical care nursing, bedside dialysis if required and services such as physical and occupational therapy. Wound care services are also provided offering specialized wound dressing and specialty beds designed for the promotion of wound healing along with other specialized wound therapies.

Consulting physicians are part of the care team overseeing the progress and treatment plan for each patient. The interdisciplinary team approach brings all disciplines to the table to discuss all aspects of healing and recovery. This team may include infectious disease specialists, cardiologists, pulmonologists and podiatrists, as well as nurses, respiratory therapists, registered dietitians, physical therapists, case managers and social workers.

Long Term Acute Care Hospitals were created to serve a once underserved segment of the patient population. This option allows patients whom meet the criteria an extended period of time to recover to their highest functional level.  LTACH’s provide comparable levels of care to traditional hospitals. At Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey, care is delivered with a team approach achieving the patients’ goals over a longer course of time. For more information about us, contact us by clicking here or call us at 732.942.3592.   We are conveniently located at 600 River Avenue in Lakewood, New Jersey.

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