Another Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey Success Story!

We are excited to report on another success story at Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey!

A 73 year old Male patient was admitted to us on 3/18/19 from Ocean Medical Center for further management of his ventilator. This patient suffered from dependent respiratory failure and other medical conditions.  The patient developed Guillen-Barre syndrome possibly due to some flu-like illness that he had contracted.  He had received IVIG treatments for his Guillen-Barre and steroids.

He had been transferred to rehab and transferred back to Ocean Medical Center prior to coming to us.  He had a tracheostomy placed on 3/04/19 and a PEG tube placed on 3/6/19.

We conducted a Neuro and psych assessment plan during his course here, we did extensive therapy, PT, OT and Speech therapy, we also  had an aggressive respiratory assessment plan for him.

On 5/8 were able to wean him off the ventilator.  He was placed on trach collar and he tolerated around the clock. Patient was discharged on 5/15 to a local rehab facility in the area!

We are proud of each and every one of our accomplishments!


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