Another Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey Success Story!

03 Jun Another Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey Success Story!

We are excited to report on another success story at Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey!

A 73 year old Male patient was admitted to us on 3/18/19 from Ocean Medical Center for further management of his ventilator. This patient suffered from dependent respiratory failure and other medical conditions.  The patient developed Guillen-Barre syndrome possibly due to some flu-like illness that he had contracted.  He had received IVIG treatments for his Guillen-Barre and steroids.

He had been transferred to rehab and transferred back to Ocean Medical Center prior to coming to us.  He had a tracheostomy placed on 3/04/19 and a PEG tube placed on 3/6/19.

We conducted a Neuro and psych assessment plan during his course here, we did extensive therapy, PT, OT and Speech therapy, we also  had an aggressive respiratory assessment plan for him.

On 5/8 were able to wean him off the ventilator.  He was placed on trach collar and he tolerated around the clock. Patient was discharged on 5/15 to a local rehab facility in the area!

We are proud of each and every one of our accomplishments!