Celebrating National Health Center Week

National Health Center Week is an annual celebration with the goal of raising awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s health centers over the past five decades. This National Health Center Week honors those front line providers and staff who have shown their courage during the pandemic. From the very beginning of the crisis, …

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Honoring Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month

Juvenile arthritis, also known as pediatric rheumatic disease, isn’t a specific disease. It’s an umbrella term to describe the inflammatory and rheumatic diseases that develop in children under the age of 16. These conditions affect nearly 300,000 kids and teens in the United States. The word “arthritis” means joint inflammation in Latin, but juvenile arthritis …

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Discharging a COVID Negative Patient

Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey is proud to announce yet another COVID recovered patient was discharged. We thank our hard working staff as they tirelessly work to help our patients during this time. We hope everyone is staying safe; wearing a mask, washing your hands and staying home if possible.