Celebrating National Nurses Week 2015!

\"nationalNational Nurses Week is May 6-May 12, 2015, and is a time to celebrate the role that nurses play in delivering the highest quality care to their patients. Each year a theme is chosen to represent the spirit of the nursing profession. This year’s theme is “Ethical Practice. Quality Care.”

This year’s theme may seem simple, but when broken down and weighed word for word, there are great implications for the expectations of nursing practice in 2015. The word “ethics” is defined as being fair and equitable while conforming to self-imposed high standards of public conduct. Standards of practice are measured by an ethical meter stick and people are judged by those results. Deeds and actions can be deemed legal but not ethical and vice versa.

Delivering high quality care is the standard expectation of regulating bodies and patients, quality outcomes are demanded, as they should be. Nurses are greeted with stressors on a daily basis working under time constraints while taking care of multiple patients. They are bombarded with external stimuli while trying to concentrate as they render quality care. Becoming frazzled in a hectic clinical work environment is expected, but maintaining a calm cool exterior is what every patient deserves. The idea of ethics and quality pairing up narrows the parameters of acceptable clinical practice but also delivers better outcomes.

The nurses of Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey strive to meet both challenges on a daily basis. They perform their duties to the highest ethical standard while delivering quality care. They embody the spirit of this year’s theme with their thoughts and actions. Ethical behavior and the quality provision of care can be taught but being driven to achieve excellence in both areas only comes from within. It is with great appreciation and gratitude all nurses at Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey are celebrated and commended for a job well done every day of the year.

Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey nurses have advanced their knowledge beyond the standard level of education and lead by example. This week, special recognition is given to Deborah Sperling, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Heather Zweidinger, Nurse Practitioner. They have dedicated their careers and education to an advanced practice in nursing and provide excellence in quality for each patient cared for.

Nurses are special people every day of the year, but for one week in May they are celebrated and rejoiced for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. At Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey, care is delivered with a team approach achieving the patients’ goals over a longer course of time. Contact us at Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey by calling 732.942.3592. We are conveniently located at 600 River Avenue in Lakewood, New Jersey.

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