Clinical Nurse Educators: Elevating the Level of Care at the LTACH

By Megan Gisoldi RN, Clinical Educator and Nissa Paul RN, Clinical Educator

Clinical Nurse Educators combine clinical expertise with a passion for teaching into rich and rewarding careers. Clinical Nurse Educators work by providing staff development expertise as an educator, consultant, and facilitator.

Each educator supports the development of the bedside nursing staff, and fosters empowerment through knowledge to achieve excellence through the delivery of evidenced based nursing practice. This occurs through the facilitation of the educational process through assessment, development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of competency assessment, continuing education, and leadership development.

Caring at the Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey

Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey “specializes” in Advanced Care for Complex Conditions. Our patients receive the care they need at their individualized level of care for an extended period of time. Our facility offers technology in life support systems and includes a broad spectrum of services including but not limited to:

  • Around the clock critical care nursing and respiratory professionals providing bedside and central monitoring of patients vital signs
  • Ventilator programs
  • Bedside dialysis
  • Total parental nutrition
  • Respiratory therapy and ventilation weaning
  • Advanced wound healing technologies and treatments.
  • Infection control
  • Interventional radiology
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Long term IV antibiotic therapy

Working as a Clinical Nurse Educator

With all of these services and others in consideration, our clinical educators here at Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey must be in coordination with all bedside staff and leadership to plan, prepare, and maintain educational materials for use to assist staff in all stages of their career development. This coordination and plan can cover the spectrum from a new graduate nurse to a nurse who has been at the bedside for 10+ years.

The assessment and planning of educational needs relating to these two different practitioners varies greatly. The Clinical Nurse Educator must conduct needs assessments using tools to identify the different learner needs. This includes orientation of new staff to the organization and role in addition to providing educational opportunities that facilitate professional development of the experienced staff.

Each year, all staff members complete educational plans related to initial and ongoing competency validations. The goal for all staff focuses on providing the best patient care, staff development, and safe practices using evidence based practice standards.

Joining the Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey Team

Along with all the clinical education that is required to care for our complex patient population comes the simple approach of attentive care with compassion. Some of our patients have already experienced long acute care hospital stays previous to being admitted to our facility. The patients and families have sometimes experienced tremendous stressors relating to their hospital stay.

Our staff at Specialty takes a special caring and attentive approach for patients to recover in a supportive environment. With all the clinical education that is required to give safe, professional, and excellent care to our patients, the foundation is expressed in simple, but profound terms by the logo central to Specialty Hospital, which is “The Secret to Patient Care…is Caring for the Patient”.

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