Fall Health and Wellness Tips for New Jersey Residents


Most of us living in New Jersey have childhood memories of walking outside and hearing the crunch of the dry fall leaves under our feet, while earthy smells of burning fireplaces filled the crisp dry air. Fall came with so many exciting moments: hayrides, apple picking and the thrill of Halloween. Autumn represented carefree fun when we were younger.

As we get older, autumn turns to a season of concern for health hazards such as the start of flu season and potential injuries from raking leaves. We face the continual descent into shorter days eventually leading to the start of winter. This season is viewed as the approach of the end of just another year. Instead of looking at fall as a time to slow down, view it as opportunity to be young once again.

Here are some health and wellness tips for Fall:

Stay Active

It is human nature to hunker down when weather becomes colder. We tend to nest, put on extra weight and become sedentary. The thought of bundling up for a walk sends a chill down our collective spines but the cooler temperatures of fall are perfect for walking and staying active. Check with your doctor before heading out for a long walk. Make sure your heart and lungs are prepared for the adventure.

Consult with your doctor about your heart health before doing yard work. Raking leaves may seem easy, but it is considered a moderate physical activity. Treat it like any other workout. Warm up, use proper body mechanics and take frequent breaks. Pay attention to your body and monitor your heart rate. Be aware of any unusual pains you may experience.

Flu Season

Flu season typically starts in October and lasts until May, with its peak in December and February. Consider getting a flu shot even though immunizations are currently surrounded by much debate. Check with your doctor about your ability to tolerate the flu shot. Flu shots are recommended for most people but especially for older people and people with pre-existing chronic conditions.

Healthy Eating

Those fun sized candy bars can be deadly. Scarfing down ten of those minis over the course of a few hours packs on up to one thousand mindless and unneeded calories. Set consumption goals because going “cold turkey” with total deprivation often leads to derailment. Awareness is the first step to control.

Take advantage of all of the fresh fall fruits and vegetables. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to help to maintain a healthy body weight. Avoid using excessive amounts of sugar when making pumpkin and apple pies to cut calories. You will be able to taste the real flavor of the fruit and not just the sugar.


We tend to let our guard down when the days are longer and the temps are warmer. Be aware of your surroundings as the days grow shorter and darkness falls faster. Also be aware of slippery road conditions when driving. Streets become very slick when they are covered in wet decaying leaves. A little more caution while driving during this time of year may prevent accidents and injuries.

Autumn is a magical time of year. The fall colors cast a golden hue on the last rays of the late-day setting sun. It is lovely to return to a warm home after a long day but do not allow yourself to slow down. Fall should be a time to be healthy, active and vibrant!

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