Patient Population

Meeting the Medically Complex Needs of Our Patient Population

Patients who are typically admitted to Specialty Hospital require one or more of the following services:

  • patient population of specialty hospital of central jerseyLong-Term IV Antibiotics (three weeks or longer):
    Infectious disease management for patients requiring three or more weeks of intravenous antibiotic therapy for severe infections ,such as endocarditis, lung disorders, and bone and joint infections.
  • Ventilator/Pulmonary Care:
    Complex ventilator management and weaning, as well as aggressive and personalized treatment for a wide range of cardio / pulmonary disorders, multisystem organ failure and complex conditions requiring pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • Dialysis:
    Aggressive care for kidney disorders and the management of acute and chronic end stage renal disease.
  • Post-Cerebral Vascular Accident/Stroke Care:
    Aggressive management utilizing speech, physical and occupational therapy modalities for a wide variety of neurologic disorders, decreased mobility, loss of strength and swallowing disorders.
  • Cardiac Care:
    Specializing in the care of the post-surgical cardiac patient, as well as the management of cardiopulmonary disorders requiring ventilator support and critical care cardiac drips.
  • Post-Surgical Care:
    Care of a wide variety of post-operative conditions and complications, such as fistulas, dehisced wounds, ostomies and trauma.
  • Complex Wound Care:
    Multidisciplinary approach to complex wound management with a certified wound team specializing in advanced wound therapies and treatment modalities, including negative pressure wound therapy, support surfaces, debridement, pain management and nutrition.
  • Low Tolerance Rehabilitation:
    Individualized physical, occupational and speech therapies designed to build strength, mobility and optimal functioning in order to return the patient to the highest level of health and well-being.