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Acute_doctor nurse meetingWorking Together to Elevate Patients to Their Highest Level of Function

When medically complex patients require critical care for an extended period of time, long term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) are an effective option to fill the widening gap between short-term acute care hospitals and other discharge placement options, including subacute care nursing facilities.

Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey provides physicians and other clinicians with a comprehensive solution to address the economic and clinical challenges created when treating long term acutely ill patients.

Above all, Specialty Hospital is your partner in providing the best possible care for the patient. With an exclusive focus on long term acute care, we can devote all of our resources to individualized, integrated treatment that is essential to providing improved outcomes for patients who require an extended hospital stay.

A vital factor in this successful formula is attentive patient care. We carefully select physicians and nurses who share our philosophy, who are expertly qualified in the specialties integral to long term care and who are devoted to enhancing the lives — and quality of life — of their patients.

Thanks to our dedicated medical and clinical team, our patients are achieving the highest possible level of function and enjoying outcomes that previously seemed out of reach.