Referrals and Admissions

About Our Physician Referral Process

Patients are recommended to Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey by a variety of sources, including physicians, social workers, case managers, nursing homes and even the patient’s caregiver or a family member. To refer a patient to Specialty Hospital, call our toll free-number or contact us directly:

  • Toll Free 877.573.LTAC (5822)
  • Case Management 732.942.3861

While anyone can recommend Specialty Hospital, only physicians can make referrals. Physicians may follow their patients or may refer the attending physician role to any member of the Specialty Hospital Medical Staff. If care is transferred to a physician on our medical staff, the referring physician may resume the role of primary care upon the patient’s discharge from Specialty Hospital.

How the Admitting Process Works

Any licensed physician may refer a patient to the Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey. Physicians may apply for privileges to admit a patient or they may confer with our medical team. Physicians use the same billing codes as applied to an acute care hospital and may bill for daily visits if required by a patient’s medical condition.