In Their Own Words…

Below is a testimonial we recently received. These heartfelt words are a reflection of our commitment to providing patients with a warm and nurturing environment that fosters respect, trust, reassurance and healing. Continue reading below:

\”We would like to give recognition to the awesome team you had on staff for our father, John Baumann – room 548, overnight on November 7th-8th, 2016. At the change of shift, our father seemed to be very anxious and uncomfortable. The RT from the daylight shift, Vickie, stayed with our father well over her shift, comforting and reassuring him that he would feel better soon. During her shift, she was very informative about everything she was doing with our dad. Her patient and family education skills are top-notch. There was an entire team present trying to calm him – RN Bill, RT Vickie, RT Arbor, and NA Erin. Bill, forfeited his lunch break to assist with cleaning my father up and taking care of a situation that could have possibly waited until after his lunch. Each one of them checked in on dad continually throughout the night, just to be sure he was ok. Not only were they very attentive to our dad, they we also comforting and accommodating to the members of our family that were present. The dedication and team work this group has is astonishing and shows what great loyalty they have for their patients. All of them display excellent work ethic, with a team approach that all hospitals and acute care settings should strive for. If your unit has an employee recognition program, it is our recommendation that Bill, Vickie, Arbor, and Erin receive this recognition for their hard work, dedication, and compassion.\” 

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