Mary Anzalone — Beyond the Vent

What started as a night out in Atlantic City quickly turned into a prolonged hospitalization for Mary Anzalone, a 66-year-old female from Manchester, NJ. She had gone out to Atlantic City and when she returned home, she had chest pain which prompted a visit to Community Medical Center in Toms River, NJ. She had a cardiac workup and was found to have multiple vessel disease. Her clinical status worsened. She needed a lifesaving intra-aortic balloon pump and was transferred to Newark Beth Israel Hospital for emergent cardiac intervention. She survived the perilous procedure and was maintained on the ventilator. Unfortunately, she was not able to wean from the ventilator. She required transfer, once again, to attempt to save not only her life, but her quality of life. She arrived to Ocean County’s Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey, a facility geared to deal with the arduous task of weaning difficult cases off the ventilator. The highly specialized staff quickly turned this dismal situation into a happy outcome.

She was weaned successfully from the ventilator and was able to start her initial steps towards a full recovery. She was able to ambulate and was transferred to her last stay at Health South in Toms River to get her life back. Mary spent the following week there to gain further strength and then went home.

Mary Anzalone is now ─ Beyond the vent

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