“Mary Doyle — Beyond the Vent

When Mary Doyle was presented at CentraState Medical Center with abdominal pain, the last thing she thought would happen to her was to become ventilator dependent. She had been complaining of right-sided abdominal pain and a CAT scan was ordered, revealing a stone blocking her ureter causing her kidney to swell. She had to be seen by the urology team who inserted a stent to preserve her kidney. Unfortunately, she got terribly ill and went into septic shock. She was placed on a ventilator. She clinically improved after antibiotics but remained ventilator dependent and had a tracheostomy.

She was transferred to Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey, where the clinical team specializes in dealing with patients that have become ventilator dependent. Her stay at SHCJ was initially complicated by episodes of difficulty maintaining oxygenation. Dr. Lebowitz, leader of the clinical team, was able to discern that the trach had become useless and astutely changed the trach at the bedside. It was smooth sailing from that point forward. Not only was she weaned from the ventilator, but she was also de-cannulated and began aggressive physical, occupational and speech therapy. She was then transferred to Shore Rehabilitation Hospital at Ocean Medical Center in Brick, where she continues on the road to complete recovery.

Mary Doyle is now — Beyond the vent

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