Move More Month

The physical, mental and emotional effects of moving ones body has been proven time and time again. Doctors and nurses always recommend some form of movement after any procedure & most certainly in our daily lives. April is Move More Month, this is your friendly reminder to move your body. Started by the American Heart Association, the objective is simple; get up and move.

Of course movement looks different for everyBODY. Getting outside and walking, intentionally moving your arms or legs in a chair exercise, a yoga class, or an intense kickboxing glass. It all counts. Small intentional movements add up over time and your mind and body will most certainly show the results of that.

How to get active with Move More Month

  • Start small/slow; You do not have spring into running 5 miles a day. If you commit to walking 15-20 minutes and stick to that, you\’re already doing yourself a favor.
  • Make time that works for you; finding time in your personal schedule to be consistent is very important. Your neighbor may only have time at 4am, but if 6pm works for you, that is what matters
  • Get Comfy- You don\’t need the fancies clothing or sneakers, if it is comfortable and supports you, wear it and get going.
  • Set realistic goals- Your goals should be tailored to you. Long and short term goals are attainable when they fit you
  • Keep Going- There will be missed days for one reason or another. It\’s okay, get back on track the next day.
  • Celebrate yourself- When you complete a goal, pat yourself on the back. You did it!

There are so many ways to get your body moving regardless of fitness level or physical ability. Whether you stretch for 10 minutes at your desk at work, or needs some to help you move. Get the blood flowing and that body moving. Happy Move More Month. You can read some of our latest posts HERE

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