How to Protect Yourself & Others

By Chelsey | May 6, 2020

During this uncertain time, it\’s important to take all precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Protect yourself and help protect other with these quick tips:

Honoring Our Front Line Workers

By Chelsey | April 29, 2020

The patient experience is lived minute-to-minute by a person whose life is in the hands of healthcare workers. During Patient Experience Week, we celebrate those who provide compassionate care for patients, and are on the front lines protecting us all …

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Applauding Our Health Heroes

By Chelsey | April 22, 2020

During this global pandemic, we need to stand beside our community heroes. The Nursing Home Industry is most vulnerable and at risk during this critical time. We\’re grateful for our healthcare heroes and proudly say that this is where heroes …

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Raising Awareness About Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer

By Chelsey | April 14, 2020

Approximately 53,000 people in the U.S. will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer this year. 132 new people are diagnosed with oral cancer in the United States every day. National Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week raises awareness for …

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Daily Dose of Inspiration!

By Chelsey | April 2, 2020

\”My sun sets to rise again.\” ~ Robert Browning From our friends at

Honoring World Tuberculosis Day

By Chelsey | March 24, 2020

Each day, over 4,000 people lose their lives to Tuberculosis (TB )and close to 30,000 people fall ill with this preventable and curable disease. We aim to raise public awareness about the devastating health, social and economic consequences of Tuberculosis, …

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Celebrating the First Day of Spring!

By Chelsey | March 20, 2020

Happy first day of Spring! May it herald the blossoming of renewed health and life.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

By Chelsey | March 12, 2020

For more than three decades, the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) has proudly led the nation in observing Brain Injury Awareness Month by conducting an engaging public awareness campaign in March of each year. This campaign provides a platform …

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National Nutrition Month

By Chelsey | March 5, 2020

\”Eat Right, Bite by Bite!\” March is National Nutrition Month! We encourage everyone to focus on making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

Daily Dose of Inspiration!

By Chelsey | February 28, 2020