Nick Fornarotto

Mr. Nick Fornarotto was cared for at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch after a critical event which resulted in him being ventilator dependent and with a feeding tube.  He was stabilized and sent to Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey for an extended hospital stay.  He spent several months between acute rehab and MMC but eventually transferred home and started aggressive rehab at MMC.   Here he sits in the waiting area outside cardiac rehab where he goes faithfully 3 times a week for an hour.  Nick has resumed driving, walking independently, eating with only a sodium restriction.  He worked a fundraiser this May in West Long Branch, cooking for all the volunteers at the Community Center.  A tradition started when the Michael Thorne race began 15 years ago paying tribute to a fellow firefighter.  It was a milestone in his recovery.  While he doesn’t remember much during his stay at the LTACH, he is very appreciative of all of the caregivers who contributed to his recovery.   According to his wife and I quote:  “Nick always smelled good when I visited him at Specialty Hospital which signaled to her that we were taking good care of him.” They send good wishes and appreciation for our piece of his recovery.

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