Respiratory Program

Respiratory ProgramUnder the Respiratory Program, many patients with respiratory failure or mechanical ventilation will be able to be successfully weaned from ventilator dependence and achieve their highest functioning level.

The program also provides treatment to patients who require significant respiratory care who are not mechanically ventilated. The pre-admission process assesses patients and formulates recommendations for ventilator weaning through Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey’s Respiratory Program.


Key to the success of our Respiratory Program are:

  • A physician and respiratory therapist-led ventilator dependent/weaning protocol.
  • Aggressive and comprehensive airway clearance techniques to improve lung function, gas exchange and infection prevention and lead to weaning from mechanical ventilation.
  • Use of noninvasive carbon dioxide monitoring technology to assess ventilator and oxygenation status that reduces the need for repeated invasive procedures, including arterial blood gasses.
  • The availability of fiberoptic bronchoscopy — a test performed to view the airways and diagnose lung disease.
  • A hospitalwide alarm system to monitor cardiac status, oxygenation and ventilator performance.
  • Under the direct care of hospitalists in collaboration with pulmonary specialists and dedicated respiratory therapists, an aggressive plan of care built with the goal of freedom from mechanical ventilation.
  • An emphasis on both patient and family teaching in preparation for discharge to the home setting.