Patient Testimonial: JoAnn and Wayne Sos

Update: November 24, 2015: 

Wayne continues to improve daily. He is doing everything he can, including working. He takes daily walks, (slowly, of course) but he is a determined guy. He will begin pulmonary rehabilitation at Jersey Shore as soon as it is scheduled. He is very happy about that.

We think about your staff always and are so grateful. We will stop in to see you when he is a little better with walking distances.


JoAnn Sos


July 31, 2015

Dear Dr. Lebowitz, Dr. Narasimhaswamy,

ALL nurses, respiratory personnel, physical therapy personnel, social workers and the entire support staff of the LTACH fourth floor operation:

Wayne and I would like to thank you for your caring, commitment and support while we were at your facility. The daily process of treatments given to Wayne was impeccable. Any issue involving his health was addressed immediately. Your team of professionals is truly involved as well as committed to patient success.

As his wife, I was overwhelmed by the critical condition that my husband was in. ARDS is a serious critical issue. His lungs were in very poor condition. My shock, disbelief and anxiety levels reached their limit daily. The caring people around me every day proved that he was receiving the most superior care possible for his respiratory condition. It is not an easy task to bring a person back to health when they are critically ill. YOU DID IT!

There are not enough “THANKS” to go around for what you accomplished. We are forever grateful for what you do. We are thankful for the availability of a facility such as yours. Dr. Lebowitz is to be commended for his vision.

We will return to see you. Wayne looks forward to walking in and talking to all of you who were so completely committed to his success journey. His journey continues in rehabilitation and his positive attitude continues to drive him forward.

You are a highly experienced team with dedication like no other.


JoAnn and Wayne Sos