Specialty Hospital’s Aggressive Plan of Care Readies Seriously Ill Patient for Discharge


In early January, a patient who was diagnosed with end stage renal disease with a history of receiving peritoneal dialysis, was transferred from Jersey Shore Medical Center (JSMC) to our Lakewood, New Jersey-based Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey.  Before this transfer, the patient experienced respiratory failure requiring a tracheostomy and the insertion of a PEG tube.  She was vent dependent and regularly receiving dialysis.

Under Specialty Hospital’s Respiratory Program, the patient was successfully weaned from being ventilator dependent and her tracheostomy was removed on April 16.  Three days later, after functioning at a higher level, the 48-year-old patient was discharged to a local skilled nursing facility providing short-term and long-term care services.

Over her three and a half months stay at Specialty Hospital, under the direct care of our pulmonary specialists and respiratory therapists, our aggressive plan of care will allow her to be discharged to go home after SAR treatments.

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