Successfully Treating Patients Who Need Significant Respiratory Care

Under Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey’s Respiratory Program, many patients with respiratory failure or on mechanical ventilation are transferred to our facility to be successfully weaned off ventilators, ultimately achieving their highest functioning level.

Through our physician and respiratory therapist-led ventilator dependent/weaning protocol, we provide you with a recent success story of a transferred patient being successfully weaned off a ventilator with his unassisted breathing through a tracheostomy collar.


On March 22, 2019, a 54-year-old male patient came to Specialty Hospital from New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City.  At the time of his transfer, the patient was completely non-responsive and ventilator dependent as the result of a left thalamic intracranial hemorrhage. At the end of April, our staff successfully weaned him off the ventilator where he ultimately wore a trach collar around the clock.  After a couple of weeks being weaned off the ventilator, the patient was discharged and transferred to JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute on April 7, 2019, for further medical care.

Details About Pre-Admission Just a Phone Call Away

Specialty Hospital’s Respiratory Program also provides care to patients who require significant respiratory care but who are not mechanically ventilated. Our pre-admission process assesses every patient to create a specific care plan for weaning them off a ventilator.

Physicians, social workers, case managers, nursing homes and even the patient’s caregiver or a family member can refer a patient to Specialty Hospital for treatment.  Physicians may follow their patients or may refer the attending physician role to any member of the Specialty Hospital Medical Staff.  If care is transferred to a physician on our medical staff, the referring physician may resume the role of primary care with the patient’s discharge from Specialty Hospital.

For details about our programs and services or to get details about our admitting process, call our toll free-number, 877-573-. LTAC (5822) or call us directly at 732.942.3861 to reach a case manager.



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