Terms and Information


Thank you for considering AcuteCare Health Systems as a possible next step in your career. Before you proceed with the application, there are some things we want you to know. ACHS is dedicated to excellence. To that end, we seek employees who not only support our mission, but those who will actively contribute their talents and abilities. We seek individuals who will report to work on time as scheduled and look for opportunities to excel and make a difference. It is essential that every one of our employees possess and demonstrate excellent customer service skills. To best determine if a candidate meets our requirements, several interviews may be scheduled to meet with members of our team.

ACHS conducts an extensive background investigation and a post offer medical exam for all candidates who accept a position with us. An offer of employment is conditioned upon substantiation of information shown on the application and medical clearance. Our medical assessment includes a drug screening urinalysis. Failure to successfully complete the required medical assessment will result in a withdrawal of an offer. Our background investigation includes a criminal background check, references from current/former employers, and license/certification verification (if applicable). By signing the bottom of this page, you authorize. ACHS to investigate all statements made in this application. Any misrepresentation of fact or material omission of fact will be cause for rejection from consideration or, if employed, for immediate termination upon discovery.

There is a question on our application that reads “Have you ever plead guilty or been convicted of a crime or disorderly persons offense which has not been annulled or sealed by a court?” This question refers to instances where you have been convicted, plead guilty, plead no contest or “nolo contendere”, paid a fine, or had some negative legal result from the charge. For purposes of this application, the term “crime” is defined as any:
-First, second, third or fourth degree criminal offense (such as assault and battery),
-Disorderly persons offense or petty disorderly offense (such as shoplifting), or
-Criminal motor vehicle violation (such as drunk driving, assault by auto, death by auto), other than a parking ticket.

Whether the charge was handled in Federal, Superior or Municipal Court, it is very important that you understand this question. If you do not understand this question you must discuss ‘it with a representative from Human Resources. Answering “yes” to this question does not mean your application will automatically be denied.
To avoid potential conflict of interest issues, ACHS representative may not have any employment, consulting or other business relationship with a competitor, customer, supplier or provider who may influence business transactions with ACHS unless advance written permission is granted from a Compliance Officer. As such, employees must disclose any outside employment relationships, current or future, while employed by ACHS.

ACHS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employees are selected on the basis of qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, marital status or veteran status.

Employees are subject to a six-month probationary period. ACHS can terminate employment at any time. Employees retain that same right. This application does not constitute a contract of employment.