The Pharmacy Department at Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey

\"pharmacyBy Patricia Huttmeyer, Director of Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Department at Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey operates with clinical pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians. The pharmacists and technicians have separate roles but work together not only in the department, but as part of the interdisciplinary team composed of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, nurse educators, respiratory therapists, dietitians, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, case managers and, of course, PHARMACISTS.

The Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician role:

  • The Pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a Pharmacist. They fill and deliver medications specific for each patient and also fill the Automated Dispensing Cabinets on each nursing unit. These medication cabinets interface with the hospital computer system, where each nurse is able to see each patient profile of active medications for each patient and is able to retrieve it safely and correctly. These medications are previously checked by the pharmacist prior to filling the cabinet. The Pharmacy technician also does unit inspections so that expired/outdated medications are not stocked anywhere. All activities are monitored by the pharmacist.
  • The Pharmacist is an integrated part of the interdisciplinary team. Some of the functions provided on a daily basis to help patients are:
    • Consultation on a daily basis to review medications of newly admitted patients.
    • Daily confirmation of medication orders written by the prescriber in the electronic record. All orders are reviewed at this point to make sure the medication, dosage form, strength, route and frequency is correct.
    • Weekly interdisciplinary team rounds: the entire team discusses each patient and all aspects of their care.
    • Daily communication with the prescribers and nurses make sure patients are treated with the best care possible.
    • Minimizing drug costs while providing long-term, aggressive medication therapies.
    • And much more….

The pharmacy department at Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey plays a strategic role and consistently interfaces with an interdisciplinary patient care team that cares for our patients to maximize and individualize pharmaceutical care, as well as ensure quality treatment and patient satisfaction.


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