What assurances are there about the quality of care my patients can expect to receive?

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We have assembled a highly qualified team of nurses and other health care professionals to provide the level of care that you can expect at any top-notch hospital. Much of our success in improving patient outcomes is the result of a high nurse-to-patient ratio — one licensed professional to every four or five patients — and the fact that our caregivers get to know our patients and their family members over their extended hospital stay.

Additionally, many of our nurses possess critical care experience or are concurrently working in high-acuity care units in various area hospitals. These nurses are certified in advanced cardiac life support or are pursuing certification within their first year of hire. Respiratory therapists who provide hands-on dedicated care are full-time members of our staff.

A code or rapidly evolving medical emergency is handled by nurses, respiratory therapists and responding physicians in the same manner and with the same urgency as any emergency at Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus.

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