What is an LTACH?

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An LTACH (long term acute care hospital) is a fully licensed independent hospital that meets the same stringent federal and state regulations as any hospital.

Most LTACHs employ the “hospital-within-a-hospital” model, including Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey in affiliation with Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus. Under this model, Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey leases a medical/surgical unit at Monmouth Medical Center, Southern Campus, and operates a separate long term acute care hospital that exclusively serves extended stay acutely ill patients. Additionally, laboratory, radiology and other ancillary services are performed through the host hospital.

Specialty Hospital provides an optimal setting to discharge patients who would have had extended stays in the host hospital because they are too sick or their medical needs too complex to be transferred to another facility. Specialty Hospital serves as a “step-down” unit for patients who require intensive nursing care, continuous cardiac telemetry monitoring and ventilator support.

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